Geoff & Giovahna: Backyard Wedding Perfection

Their day has finally come. Sunlight streaks through the trees. He turns to see her in the dress she chose for this day that they would become one. A deep love glows on both their faces.

It was such a joy for me to be a part of Geoff & Gio’s wedding day! Gio and I went to school together and it’s wonderful to see her now, so happy, with her beautiful children and husband! When Gio asked if I would be their photographer I felt absolutely honored.

Their wedding was small and intimate, truly perfect. They were married in their beautiful backyard surrounded by their closest family members and friends. At larger weddings, guests can sometimes be lost in the sea of people. With a smaller wedding like this, every guest gets a front row seat and has a special part in their friends’ day!

The other truly joyful part of this day was all the children! Gio & Geoff have two children together and there were several cousins present as well. We actually took their first pictures together as husband and wife with kids running around at our feet. Having all the kids there with us brought so much fun to their wedding!

But what I noticed above everything else was the love between all the family and friends present. Everyone was talking and laughing as they enjoyed a delicious meal together after the ceremony. So many of their guests stopped to introduce themselves to me and thank me for photographing the day. Wedding days can sometimes leave people feeling frazzled and stressed but they were all so kind and if anyone was feeling that way, they didn’t let it show! Every interaction I had made me so thankful to photograph couples like Gio & Geoff!  

The night ended with beautiful, heartfelt toasts that warmed our hearts as we all stood close together in their sunroom. I left feeling truly grateful to have been a part of this beautiful celebration for Gio & Geoff! Congratulations to you both!!



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