Corey & Anna Elopement Shoot: Springfield, Missouri

There's something special in simplicity.

A dress, a suit, a lake, a promise.


A covenant spoken into existence.


Humans sometimes like to overcomplicate things. We want everything to be bigger, grander, more "important".

But does it have to be bigger to be important? Does the message always have to be louder to be heard?


Tell me, what warms your heart more, someone blowing up your Facebook feed with statuses about their love for each other? Or seeing your grandparents hold hands when they think no one is looking?

Is louder, bigger, and more always better?

Not in my mind.

Seeing these two and the pure joy they have in being together meant more.

The way Anna smiles around Corey. The way he sweetly kisses her cheek. The way they value each other.


These are the smaller things that matter more than the big things. And maybe they actually are the bigger things if you look from a different vantage point.

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Stephanie Brown